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We are all in this together!

 We are here to help.

This year is different.

If you have just been notified that your 



don't panic! We have your back.


All of your already stored items are safe and sound

in a nice storage unit warehouse.

We will watch over them and make sure they are ready for you in January.


We have surveyed several self-storage units in the area and the average rate for a very small storage unit is about seventy five dollars a month.


We will keep all your items in our LONG TERM STORAGE

for only $58 per month.


That means ALL OF YOUR STUFF for the same low monthly price.

You can pay by the month or for all four months at one time.

September = $58

October = $58

Novemeber = $58

December = $58


You don't have to do a thing.

Just go nail those ONLINE CLASSES and make the DEAN'S LIST

like your parents want you to do.

We will bring your dorm belongings to you in January.



As always, any questions, just ask the Residnece Life Office or











If you are coming back in late May or early June to pack your dorm stuff,

let us know so we can provide the boxes and tape.


Just pack your belongings, label your boxes, take photos

and leave them locked in your room.


We will come in later with Campus Safety

and store your stuff all summer.

Make sure to pay on the "Reserve Your Boxes" page.



If you are not coming back to campus in May/June,

but you are returning to the same campus in the Fall:


Go to  Reserve Your Boxes and then email us:

1. We will go to your dorm room.

2. We take a few wide angle photos of your belongings.

3. We pack your items for you in boxes.

4. We then bring your boxes to storage for the entire summer.

5. In August, you tell us your new building and room for the Fall.

6. Then we bring your boxes to your new room in September.

Go to the last page on this website

"Reserve Your Boxes"

Choose storage Package A: $338.



If you need help getting your items PACKED UP into boxes, we can help.

Please email us and let us know.


Packing your items: $48 to $78.

We will email you an invoice for the Packing  Fee

separately from your Storage Fee after we have taken photos and stored your items.

Packing Fee depends on amount of items and time it takes to pack the requestd belongings. 

We cannot guarantee performance of any electronics 

because we are not testing them before packing.

We suggest that you get insurance for shipping at UPS.


Please email all questions to : 




or SHIPPING ITEMS HOMEwe can help!


We will collect your boxes, place them in storage

and bring them to UPS for shipping when you are ready,

in August or right away.

(Shipping costs are extra depending on

where you have your boxes sent.)


We are taking storage reservations RIGHT NOW.


Please go to the last page "Reserve Your Boxes"

to save your space for Summer 2020.




If you have any questions, just email us at




( "Reserve Your Boxes" page )








Let us take the stress out of going home.

We give you four boxes and packing  tape.

We pick-up your full boxes from your room when you say.

All storage for one low price.


(Transfer and graduating students:

UPS shipping your boxes is an extra cost depending on where they are going)


We deliver FOUR BIG professional grade, heavy duty, double-walled corrugated cardboard container boxes (24 x 18 x 24)

right to your dorm room with


with your Four Box order.

We bring the empty boxes to your dorm room,

you unfold and fill them in your room

when you are ready. 

Write all over your boxes with a Sharpie marker so you what's in it in the fall.

Email us to come right back to your dorm to pick them up,

when YOU are ready.

We come to YOU on MANY different DAYS.
We professionally store your items all summer for you.
When you come back to school in the fall, we return your stuff right back to your new dorm room.  

It's wicked easy! 

Email us now.

We can pick-up your dorm stuff  up anytime.

If you are graduating or transferring, or just going back home, we can secure your boxes in storage and help with shipping them when you are ready.


Apple Box College, LLC
Full Service - Dorm Moving & Storage


Heading home for the summer and returning back in the fall is
 EASY when Apple Box College handles your moving and storage.
You never lift a thing! How great is this deal !?!    :)

We bring you the folded empty box containers; you pack them when you have time; we pick them up from you at your dorm; we store them safe and secure; and then we bring them right back to you at your new dorm when you come back.

No one beats our service!      We are DOOR TO DOOR service.

We come to campus on MULTIPLE   DAYS, not just one day.

Microwave storage, boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap are included for FREE  !

ALL this for the low price of $338.

You can pay online with a debit or credit card, or with us in-person on campus.

This is way CHEAPER than AIRLINE BAGGAGE FEES or replacing those nice sheets, blankets, pillow cases, winter boots, clothes or your TV...   
We provide full service summer vacation storage from May until September for a flat rate of $338.
No pad locks, no renting trucks, no storage contracts, no hassle, no BS.

Your price includes FOUR BIG (24 inches long x 18 inches wide x 24 inches high), strong, commercial-grade, professional, number-coded storage box containers; packing tape; and bubble wrap. You never lift a thing. 

We keep it simple.

Four big boxes. No guessing. No wondering. No sleepless nights.
Your belongings are safe. 

Just let us know when you are back and ready for them again.


Our container boxes are BIG! The four big boxes are big enough to store all of your dorm items during the summer vacation.
Extra boxes are available.

Keep your comforter, blankets, sheets, pillows, jackets, leather boots, books, pledge pin, sports equipment, lamps, "Mr. Cuddles", clothes, bowling ball, TV, calculators, love letters, school supplies, toga, shoes, laptop, dresses, tablet, electronics, ties...just about anything you want...
 ...except your


It's as simple as this:
  1. Click on the "Secure Pay Credit/Debit card page to reserve today! YOU DON'T EVEN NEED A PAYPAL ACCOUNT.  USE YOUR CREDIT OR DEBIT CARD.   :)
  2. APPLE BOX will deliver FOUR BIG folded storage box containers right to your dorm room a few days before finals. We give you the packing tape and bubble wrap for free. Remember,  microwave storage is always free with your order.
  3. You pack your stuff in the FOUR BIG containers. Maximum 60 pounds per box.
  4. APPLE BOX  will schedule pickup dates and times at your convenience. We come back to your dorm room and take the packed boxes for you. You sign and get a receipt for your packed boxes right there.
  5. Then we bring the boxes to our trucks and take them away for secure storage.
  6. We will email you in July to find out if you have changed your campus dorm or moved off campus.
  7. We bring your packed boxes and belongings right back to you, sealed and secure.
  8. We will come back the next day to collect the old empty boxes for recycling.

Get It & Forget It.
 You or your parents can reserve your space right now, so you can forget about moving & storage for summer vacation.

You never lift a thing!   :)


Apple Box College, LLC proudly operates locally.
APPLE BOX COLLEGE is a trademark of Apple Box College, LLC.
2020 All images and text copyright Apple Box College, LLC.



Apple Box College students rock!


We are the ONLY storage company that will come to YOUR room.

AND we will come back again until YOU are ready.

Don't get left holding your belongings at the end of finals,

call APPLE BOX, 

we will come when YOU want.


You will see us on campus in April for Information Tables to answer any questions.


If you have any questions about how this works, just email us at


Finish the school year STRONG and we will see you soon!


We love what we do, and it shows.


We are super student friendly.

Apple Box College is your OFFICIAL full service dorm moving and storage partner for the 2018-19 academic year.


We come to your dorm,

 "you never lift a thing".



Parents LOVE us.

Go crush those final exams,

and let us do the heavy lifting.

Then let your PARENTS

take you out to

a nice lunch,

instead of folding clothes and

over-packing their car.




We are ready when YOU are ready.


That other company comes only

ONE TIME each year. That's weak !


We are here for you as an UNDERGRAD needing to move out of your dorm for the summer, or Christmas vacation; or if you are a TRANSFER student; or just MOVING off campus.


TRANSFER STUDENTS: this service DOES NOT include shipping to your new college, UPS will quote and charge for shipping. We will bring your boxes to UPS, but we don't control shipping costs.


We are here WHENEVER you need to have your belongings stored

safe and dry. 



to get some help with storage. We work all summer long.


Email us today and

we will come right over with your free boxes, tape and bubble wrap.



Each BIG box =

24"  x  18"  x  24"





with order.

That's a lot of stuff!


 Bluto' s Smart     Storage Tips

Don't pack anything that is alive. No pets, no animals and no plants.


No liquids of any kind. No laundry detergent. No shampoo or conditioner.


Pack a little everyday, don't wait until the last day.


NO LIQUIDS. They all leak and it will ruin all your stuff. No laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, paint, hand soap, etc.


Write your name all over your boxes. Write what is in the box for your use.

(You can even use a secret code.)


Take the time to really tape your box closed really good and strong.


Pack winter stuff first.


No food or drink. It will smell like hell and not taste good at all in the fall.


Place your books and heavy stuff in each of the four boxes evenly, don't overload just one box.


Books are HEAVY.  Sell 'em.


Throw stuff away that you haven't used. Really.


Give cool stuff to a freshman.


 Oh, and don't forget... 


        F O O D   F I G H T  !!!!! 

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