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1. How do I reserve this service?
    You reserve this service through this website. Go to the "Reserves Your Boxes" page. PayPal will ask for your HOME ADDRESS so that it matches your credit card information. If you live outside of the United States, please make sure you select your country for billing.

Then just email us your campus address and we will be in touch right away.  

Apple Box will contact you within a few hours via your email to confirm your reservation and ask you if you have any special requests.
2. When should I book the service?
     Now is the time to reserve your service. Reservations begin filling up quickly in early March for summer vacation. If you need us any time, just shoot us an email. We are LOCAL and here for you. 

3. Do you provide tape and bubble wrap?
    Of course, your satisfaction is important to us. We are a super Student-Friendly company so we provide bubble wrap and packing tape for free. We never do anything the cheap way. We work to earn your business year after year. We strive to earn your recommendation to your classmates, club members, sorority sisters, fraternity brothers, teammates, study buddies, friends, and even your bratty little brother! We are committed to being your local college storage partner year after year after year after year.

4. What about my refrigerator and microwave?
    We will pick-up, store and return your mini-fridge for only $38.00 (with Full Service order) and your micro for FREE with your order. Now THAT'S great service... YAHOOOOO !!!!

5. When do you pick up and deliver? 
     Apple Box will schedule pick-ups and deliveries Sunday-Saturday from 8AM to 7PM during scheduled dates, in accordance with your school's safety, privacy and entry policies. We coordinate with your Campus Police and the Office of Residence Life to schedule the best times for pick up and delivery. All of the ABC staff has been screened, insured and bonded. Please allow a three hour delivery window when your storage is returned after summer vacation. 

 6. I am graduating, can you deliver off-campus to my new address?

    We can sometimes bring your belongings to a new address if you move away from campus for a very low price compared to UPS Ground. If you move out of state, we will bring your belongings to The UPS Store so you can make arrangements for shipping and delivery with them.
Shipping costs vary and are an extra cost. Please see more information about TRANSFER students below.

1. What methods of payment do you accept?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover & debit cards all through Paypal. You don't need to have a PayPal account, just use your credit or debit card on PayPal's secure website. We can also accept payment from you when you see us on campus.

When is payment due?
    As you make the reservation on this website (Page 6, "Reserve Your Boxes"). Your space is reserved in our warehouses when you place your order. 
3. What about refunds?
    Apple Box will offer a full refund within 48 hours of payment for service. If reservation is cancelled after two days post payment, Apple Box will charge the customer $398 for the service. Fees are charged due to our manufacturing and labor costs for the storage boxes and reserved warehouse space. We are a SERVICE business. Once the service of moving your boxes has been perfromed, there is no refund. We can not un-move your boxes. There is no un-doing the great service we provide. There are NO REFUNDS.

PayPal recognizes Apple Box College as a SERVICE transaction and will not offer refunds.


Apple Box College provides extremely flexible service to our student customers. Using our multiple day pick-up service and multiple box full service package is like eating at a buffet restaurant. At a buffet restaurant, you pay the cost of the meal, and then you eat as much as you like to eat. If, however, you don't eat everything in the buffet, you don't ask for a partial refund for part of the cost. It is the same here. If you do not use all of the boxes, there is no partial refund. If an unused box refund was available, it would only encourage some students to overpack and excessively weight their other boxes. And that's not cool. Not cool to crush your stuff, for storage and not fair to other students who follow the rules. Once Apple Box fulfills the service of accepting your belongings, the transaction has been satisfied and no refunds will be granted.


Apple Box works independently from your college. Your college has no responsibility to collect, store or provide any service for your boxes. Please be responsible with your boxes, keeping them together in your room for Apple Box collection in a timely manner. We are not responsible for items within your boxes. We can not possibly inspect the contents of boxes, so what you store and how you store it inside the box, is exactly the way it will be returned to you. Please do not store valuable items and items that can not be replaced. Store at your own risk.

A Service Fee of $48 up to $198 may be issued for: off-campus delivery within state, missed or delayed appointments; extra storage requests; excessive weight; boxes leaking any type of liquid, multiple deliveries; non-secured or poorly prepared boxes; or pick-up date changes. Please do not overweight the boxes.


Each BIG box has a maximum weight for storage of 60 pounds

(27 kilograms). There will be a $48 overweight fee charged for boxes presented for storage over these weight capacities.


Please keep in mind your fellow students when storing your boxes. Make sure there is nothing alive or any liquid (laundry detergent, paint, etc.) that can spill and seep into another's box (laundry detergent). If your box shows signs of leakage, we will have to open the box and remove the liquid, to protect your items and the boxes and items of your fellow students. Please be considerate. All liquids will be removed and disposed of properly.


All boxes, fridges, luggage and personal items will be returned to ONE campus location (one room). We can not deliver your four boxes and belongings to separate buildings or dorms on campus. Your FALL campus address of record will be the ONLY delivery location for your all of your items.

Due to very high labor, fuel, vehicle and warehouse costs, changes to schedules and space result in increase costs of operation, and delays service to other students. Please communicate with us via email if you have any changes. Cool?

Storage & In-State Delivery
1. What is the length of summer service?
    Apple Box  has a flat rate of only $398, (Transfer students $398). Our  commitment is to provide full service and four months of storage for summer vacation from May until September. Storage beyond September is available for only $58 per month.  We will accomodate all requests of service. We are super student-friendly.

2. Will I be able to access my storage during summer vacation
     To maintain the safety, security and integrity of everyone's belongings, once the containers are secured in the warehouse they are inaccessible until they are returned to you. Access to the warehoused containers is restricted to monitored ABC personnel only. 

3. What if I do not return to college, or TRANSFER and need my storage sent to me?
    Apple Box will help you ship stored items at customer's request via email.  We are a storage company, not a shipping company. We do not open your boxes. We cannot repack or add insulation inside the boxes. So, instead of bringing your boxes back to you on campus, we will bring them to the local The UPS Store. Shipping costs vary and will be extra.


The UPS Store is where the shipping and insurance costs will be determined by The UPS Store and the customer.  It is the customer's responsibility to determine the value of the items, contents of boxes and obtain appropriate levels of insurance for shipping. If you want insurance on your boxes, this is when to obtain insurance, before shipping.


The customer should communicate directly with The UPS Store for shipping options. Shipping heavy boxes across the country can get very expensive. Please research on the UPS and FedEx websites for approximate shipping charges. Apple Box College, LLC has no control or influence over the price of shipping.


Please research online the costs of shipping your boxes to your new school. Shipping boxes can be very expensive.

4. Can I use any type of box or container? 
     Apple Box will provide storage to customers who pack in our storage containers. Our storage containers have added structural strength and support bases. We provide packing tape and bubble wrap too. If you have tupperware-style bins, we will accept them. We will always work with you to make sure you are happy.

5. What if I have so much stuff that I need a FIFTH box?
   No problem. An extra BIG BOX is just $128 with the same great full service. We will also pick-up and store just your fridge for $38, just your bike for $48, or just your couch for $128.


 6. I am graduating. Can you store my stuff until if find an apartment?
   Yes, we will store your belongings until you are ready for them. It is only $58 per month for ALL FOUR boxes. Relax and find a nice place, then email us for your stuff. We bring your belongings to The UPS Store. The UPS Store can then tell you how much shipping and insurance will be to deliver to your new address.

Shipping is very expensive and not included in your Apple Box College payment.

All dorm items are covered under your parents' Homeowner Insurance Policy.

Apple Box 
We are full service and super student-friendly.


Apple Box College students are the best!


We are the ONLY storage company that will come to YOUR room.

AND we will come back again until YOU are ready.

Don't get left holding your belongings at the end of finals,

call APPLE BOX, 

we will come when YOU want.


You will see us on campus in April for Information Tables to answer any questions.


If you have any questions about how this works, just email us at


Finish the school year STRONG and we will see you soon!


We love what we do, and it shows.


We are super student friendly.

Apple Box College is your

OFFICIAL full service dorm

moving and storage partner for the 2021-22 academic year.


We come to your dorm,

 "you never lift a thing".



Parents LOVE us.

Go crush those final exams,

and let us do the heavy lifting.

Then let your PARENTS

take you out to

a nice lunch,

instead of folding clothes and

over-packing their car.




We are ready when YOU are ready.


That other company comes only

ONE TIME each year. That's weak !


We are here for you as an UNDERGRAD needing to move out of your dorm for the summer, or Christmas vacation; or if you are a TRANSFER student; or just MOVING off campus.


TRANSFER STUDENTS: this service DOES NOT include shipping to your new college, UPS will quote and charge for shipping. We will bring your boxes to UPS, but we don't control shipping costs.


We are here WHENEVER you need to have your belongings stored

safe and dry. 



to get some help with storage. We work all summer long.


Email us today and

we will come right over with your free boxes, tape and bubble wrap.



Each BIG box =

24"  x  18"  x  24"





with order.

That's a lot of stuff!


 Bluto' s Smart     Storage Tips

Don't pack anything that is alive. No pets, no animals and no plants.


No liquids of any kind. No laundry detergent. No shampoo or conditioner.


Pack a little everyday, don't wait until the last day.


NO LIQUIDS. They all leak and it will ruin all your stuff. No laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, paint, hand soap, etc.


Write your name all over your boxes. Write what is in the box for your use.

(You can even use a secret code.)


Take the time to really tape your box closed really good and strong.


Pack winter stuff first.


No food or drink. It will smell like hell and not taste good at all in the fall.


Place your books and heavy stuff in each of the four boxes evenly, don't overload just one box.


Books are HEAVY.  Sell 'em.


Throw stuff away that you haven't used. Really.


Give cool stuff to a freshman.


 Oh, and don't forget... 


        F O O D   F I G H T  !!!!! 

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