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Apple Box College

Apple Box provides full service moving & storage to college students living on campus in dorms and off campus. Parents LOVE this service for their kids. 

We offer a simple, low cost, and easy way for students to store personal belongings before heading home for the summer vacation. The 2022 Full Service Summer Package costs less than having to replace just your sheets, pillow cases, comforter and winter clothes!

Our business is designed to simplify the hassle and distraction from studying for finals that comes with the end of semester dorm move-out process. We respect students and how busy you are, please let us handle your moving out logistics. Ace your finals and go enjoy your well deserved summer vacation!

Here's a few reasons why this service is great for you:


No need to buy boxes... Apple Box provides FOUR BIG boxes. Our containers are professional, commercial-grade, double wall container boxes. Unlike the flimsy boxes sold in some stores or available at public storage sites, your FOUR BIG containers are easy to move in & out of dorm rooms. 


  Remember, your microwave storage is free with your order.       


No need to rent a truck... Apple Box picks up your dorm stuff and returns it right back to your dorm room in the fall. If you come back earlier, just shoot us an email and we will deliver your boxes back right away.

This is why Student Leaders, Athletes and International Students 



No need to rent a storage space or negoitate a from May until September is included in the cost. 

That's four full months of storage.

If you need longer storage, no problem, we can help you. 



No need for help...from parents and family to drive hundreds of miles to pack up your private stuff from your dorm room.

"Apple Box It and Forget It". 


No scary warehouse guard dogs, security floodlights, pad-locks, dark storage units, rainy bad weather or chain link fences to deal with...  We've got your back.

Apple Box - You Never Lift A Thing !!!

Any questions?  We are glad to help.
Just email any one of our super friendly
and knowledgeable (wicked smaht) specialists at:

2022 Apple Box College, LLC.

We love what we do, and it shows!
Accepting NEW ORDERS for all Summer Sessions 2022.
Accepting NEW ORDERS for 2022 TRANSFER students
& 2022 GRADUATING seniors.

    Apple Box is a Smart Move !    :)



Apple Box College students are the best!


We are the ONLY storage company that will come to YOUR room.

AND we will come back again until YOU are ready.

Don't get left holding your belongings at the end of finals,

call APPLE BOX, 

we will come when YOU want.


You will see us on campus in April for Information Tables to answer any questions.


If you have any questions about how this works, just email us at


Finish the school year STRONG and we will see you soon!


We love what we do, and it shows.


We are super student friendly.

Apple Box College is your

OFFICIAL full service dorm

moving and storage partner for the 2021-22 academic year.


We come to your dorm,

 "you never lift a thing".



Parents LOVE us.

Go crush those final exams,

and let us do the heavy lifting.

Then let your PARENTS

take you out to

a nice lunch,

instead of folding clothes and

over-packing their car.




We are ready when YOU are ready.


That other company comes only

ONE TIME each year. That's weak !


We are here for you as an UNDERGRAD needing to move out of your dorm for the summer, or Christmas vacation; or if you are a TRANSFER student; or just MOVING off campus.


TRANSFER STUDENTS: this service DOES NOT include shipping to your new college, UPS will quote and charge for shipping. We will bring your boxes to UPS, but we don't control shipping costs.


We are here WHENEVER you need to have your belongings stored

safe and dry. 



to get some help with storage. We work all summer long.


Email us today and

we will come right over with your free boxes, tape and bubble wrap.



Each BIG box =

24"  x  18"  x  24"





with order.

That's a lot of stuff!


 Bluto' s Smart     Storage Tips

Don't pack anything that is alive. No pets, no animals and no plants.


No liquids of any kind. No laundry detergent. No shampoo or conditioner.


Pack a little everyday, don't wait until the last day.


NO LIQUIDS. They all leak and it will ruin all your stuff. No laundry detergent, shampoo, conditioner, paint, hand soap, etc.


Write your name all over your boxes. Write what is in the box for your use.

(You can even use a secret code.)


Take the time to really tape your box closed really good and strong.


Pack winter stuff first.


No food or drink. It will smell like hell and not taste good at all in the fall.


Place your books and heavy stuff in each of the four boxes evenly, don't overload just one box.


Books are HEAVY.  Sell 'em.


Throw stuff away that you haven't used. Really.


Give cool stuff to a freshman.


 Oh, and don't forget... 


        F O O D   F I G H T  !!!!! 

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